Even though Boavista stays true to tradition, it is also home to gutsy spaces like Casa da Música and Oporto Music [...] Read More

Santa Catarina

The Rua de Santa Catarina and the Bolhão market are 2 of the most typical areas in downtown Porto. It's [...] Read More

From Aliados to São Bento

Between Aliados and São Bento is where everything happens! Discover the main avenue in the historic centre and dive into [...] Read More


Cedofeita keeps on reinventing itself decade after decade. A nonstoppable breath of fresh air to the city, this is the [...] Read More


When you don’t feel like being bothered and are just looking for a great view of the Douro, you can […]

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From Flores To Ribeira

The Rua das Flores and the Rua Mouzinho da Silveira start where the S. Bento station ends. From there to [...] Read More


Manuel de Sousa,
Connected to the simple roots of the city, Campanhã is like an old forgotten folk song. The parish has a [...] Read More

The Foz

Spontaneous and original like the swing that defines a jazz tune, the Foz (Douro mouth) is the perfect place to get into [...] Read More

The Dragão

The easternmost part of the city is known for the Dragão football stadium, which is the home of FC Porto. On [...] Read More


In Matosinhos, one can find the soul of a people who lived off the sea and for the sea. Explore [...] Read More